Expert Tree Assessments & Tree Felling

Trees never tell us when they are about to fall...but they do give out signs that an expert can notice.  If you have a tree or trees that are you are worried about, call us to do an immediate assessment of the situation.  These are FREE services that we offer and you are under no obligation to use us.

If you do decide to remove the tree or have it trimmed back to create a more safe situation, we have over 25 years of expertise in precise tree work and felling.  Also on our side is our beloved bucket truck to help us.  She may come with a funky paint job - but her reach is over 75+ feet and is a true asset in helping us safely take down or trim up the tallest and trickiest of trees.

Small Acreage Logging & Land Clearing

If you have small acreage that needs to be logged or cleared, we offer flexible plans depending on the tract.  We have tons of experience buying larger timber tracts and will bid accordingly.  Calling us could save you thousands, and if you have the right type of trees, we might even be able to put some money back into your own pocket at the end of the day.

24 Hour Emergency & Disaster Relief


If the tree has already come down on a structure, is blocking an access - or is leaning severely and looks like it might come down at any moment, we offer

24 Hour Emergency Services.


We are there for you 24/7!

We also accept

Master Card and Visa

for your convenience.  



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