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If you have one tree you would like to have removed and are curious as to how much it might cost, you can fill out the form below and we will email you a quote.  If you have more than one tree - just let us know in the space provided below.  The emailed quote is ONLY AN ESTIMATE.  Actual price may vary depending on actual difficulty of removal. To give you an actual price, we will need to set an appointment to come view the tree(s) in order to make a final assessment and bid.  In some cases, the price may be more and in some cases, it may be less than our emailed bid. 


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  • Enter the approximate height of the tree. If you don't know, use your best estimated guess. You can sometimes guess by looking at a nearby object such as a building.
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  • All of these factors can cause a quote to vary.
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  • Don't worry, no high pressure sales tactics...this is only if we have questions about the tree.
  • We will email you a quote during normal business hours. We usually respond within 2 hours of receiving the on line request.